Why Abstract is Great!

Why Abstract is Great!

By forcing us to invent our own interpretation, abstract art engages higher-order brain regions that are involved in creativity and imagination.  It enables us to develop fresh perspectives on art and, in a manner, the world. It exposes us to new situations and raises our tolerance for those that are unfamiliar or even completely foreign and helps us to escape reality and produce imaginative and innovative reactions! great or what eh! 

Abstract generally aims to alter how reality is seen. The artist's psyche undergoes a transformation or abstraction, which is conveyed through the artwork. The objective is to provide us with a fresh perspective—the artist's perspective—on a particular subject, not to show off the artist's technical skills in creating what is seen which is why non art fans think it's abit silly. Abstract art clearly has a different purpose than representational art, so its evaluation should reflect this. 

Generally lots of deep thought goes into Abstract art and Picasso once said - 

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward, you can remove all traces of reality.” 

A message, a notion, or "anything" can be found in good abstract art. The technique comes from a place of profound thought and immense meaning, despite the fact that it may appear straightforward and unplanned like most people think.

One of the best things about abstract art is that it often incorporates shapes, colour and movement that can dramatically change the mood and energy of a room! Definitely great for sprucing up those walls. 

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